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about us

We started in 2022 in Tirupur, We strive to be a premier provider of yarn to the globe and a partner of choice for our customers

We Provide Fine Quality 60's Weft carded Yarn, Cotton Seeds, and also Cotton Bales.

We are able to deliver retail as well as bulk orders within time frame. This is achieved by using a judicious mix of conventional, people-monitored processes and state of the art.


60's Weft Carded Yarn


Cotton Bales

Cotton Bales are produced as a result of ginning and pressing process of seed cotton. Our Cotton Bales are provided to the esteemed clients in varied specifications. We maximize mill processing efficiency, as well as creating efficiencies for everyone storing, handling, and transporting bales of cotton.



So, when we say "60's weft carded yarn," it refers to a type of yarn produced in the 1960s, where the fibers were carded and then used as weft (horizontal) yarns in the weaving process. This yarn would have had a slightly textured appearance and may have been used in various applications, depending on the specific requirements of the fabric being produced during that time.


Cotton Seed

We are producer of quality Cotton seed remain after ginning. Cotton seed dry in our large compound to remove moisture from it after removal of moisture You can use it for cotton seed oil cake.



01 Carding Machine

Carding is defined s the reduction of entangled mass of fibers to filmy web by working them between two closely spaced relatively moving surfaces clothed with sharp points. It is a preliminary process in spun yarn technology just after blow room process. Carding operation is done by carding machine.


02 Drawing Machine

The draw frame is one of the most critical machines in a spinning mill. The draw frame plays a fundamental role in ensuring yarn quality and it must run at very high production speeds in order to ensure a fast return on investment.